The Ultimate Human Experience: Art, Fashion, Music
November 15 2016 | Catherine Kelemen

Our very own model, Olga Zhukova, was lucky to be a part of a unique, spiritual, human experience as she walked the runway for Savage’s very first collection, BlacXcross.

In downtown LA, where art, fashion, and music come to life, Mark Savage Jr aka “Phenomenal Mark,” exhibited his new, hand painted, unisex collection, BlacXcross. Deliberately presenting on 11/11 for the spiritual symbol that connects all human consciousness, Savage’s collection stood for “freedom of self-expression” with the belief that “self-expression is the key to growth as both a human and spiritual being.” The tribal like print on his pieces is a mixture of language, symbols, mathematics, and ancient technology that are all representative of his transcendent ideas. Savage defines himself as a storyteller, a healer, and an activator who empowers and unifies people through his art. His fight for equality, harmony, and inner peace is displayed through his many creative talents.

With the help of A List Agency ALA’s Director, Lara Abul Failat, and Restless Studios of downtown LA, the perfect venue was formed to support the mind, body, and soul pursuit of Savage’s BlacXcross collection. With live music provided by Crissy J, Riri, Ash Myers, DJ OOOO, DJ Tolula, and DJ Honeycut, chill vibes and just plain, good company became the atmosphere of the night. Juice company, Green Goodness, by Rae L. Siskind was also there to provide fresh, all-natural, body empowering green juices in order to promote well being that starts from within. This night was about finding your inner god and becoming unified with the people around you. It was a creative space where ego was non-existent, titles were dropped, and the ultimate human experience through art, fashion, and music was created.

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