Spreading Holiday Cheer
December 26 2016 | Catherine Kelemen

On Wednesday night, December 14, IEG Models hosted an open house party for all of their talent in cheer of the holidays. Workspace design company, We Work, delivered remarkable service by providing yummy cranberry margaritas, beer, tamales, and other delicious Mexican cuisine for everyone at the party. The evening brought talented people together in one shared space to celebrate and spread the merriment of the season.

Holiday cheer was to be delivered outside the office through IEG’s charity event that occurred in conjunction with the holiday party. IEG is focused on helping the homeless in Los Angeles this season by supporting the LA Mission and spreading awareness about their cause. All donations ranging from shampoo and toothpaste to socks and boxers were welcomed from guests at the open house party. These acts of kindness were also reminders for everyone to be more grateful and appreciative of what they are fortunate enough to have.

In collaboration with this philanthropic cause, clothing company, Goods, had their very own men’s line pop-up shop open during the party. Guests could purchase men’s sleepwear items ranging from boxers to sleep shirts, and for every purchase made, Goods promised to donate an item to the homeless. The clothing company also offered a 30% discount for the duration of the party making it even easier to do a little holiday shopping that would spread cheer to more than just one person.

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