Sam Hayes: Author of The Weather Man
February 02 2017 | Catherine Kelemen

In today’s modern world, creative talents no longer have to wait for a publishing company or studio to publish their book, produce their movie or even fund their projects. Nowadays, smart and ambitious talents can accomplish anything. Sam Hayes, author of The Weather Man, is a perfect example of being able to turn one’s own dream into a modern day reality.

Turning the garage of a pool house in West Hollywood into a place one can call home is exactly what Sam Hayes did upon moving to Los Angeles from Chicago right out of college. He now lives and creates his work in this man cave that also doubles as his personal office. Using a typewriter from 1939, Sam Hayes types up and posts snippets of his work on his Instagram writing account for his fans. He also posts videos of himself and his actor friends doing readings to bring his written work to life. You can check out his Instagram @storiesbysam here.

Sam Hayes’ special talent for writing is something that actually goes way back in his family tree. It all started with his great, great, great (it keeps going), grandfather who happened to be Noah Webster, author of the American Dictionary and founder of our national language. Wow, right? The young author jokes that Noah Webster is the reason for his career choice since his passion and talent for writing began while he was in high school. With F. Scott Fitzgerald as his idol, Sam Hayes demonstrated a knack for creating stories and putting them into words. Now, he has debuted his very own book, The Weather Man.

The Weather Man by Sam Hayes is an intriguing story about a man named Adam Anderson whose emotions control the weather in the future year of 2076. To keep Americans safe, the government gives Adam an unlimited budget with only one rule: be and stay happy. Want to know more? You can get a sneak peek of The Weather Man and purchase it online here exclusively at Amazon.

Being able to launch and debut his new book successfully was due in large part to his Instagram writing account as well as the use of the online platform, Kickstarter. Kickstarter’s mission is to “help bring creative projects to life,” and they make this happen by creating a platform online known as the “Kickstarter community.” Here, people can donate money to the many creative projects that individuals post. Sam Hayes used Kickstarter by creating and posting a video of his own to raise money to publish his book, The Weather Man. You can watch his full video here. His video campaign, which combined entertainment with humor, became a huge success that was loved by the people of Kickstarter.

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