Nete: Inside the Life of an International Model
March 03 2017 | Catherine Kelemen

One of IEG Model’s latest new talents is Nete, an international model from Denmark. We’re delighted to welcome her to LA and can’t wait to start working with her.

Nete has been modeling for around six years and has traveled all around the world for her job. When asked about her favorite cities, she replied, “I love to go out in Paris, I love to do shopping in Milan, and I love the beach in Barcelona.” She continues, “I’m amazed by the street art in Athens, and New York is my favorite place to get lost.”

In Copenhagen, where Nete lived for 11 years, she said she “lived on her bike” regardless of the weather conditions. With Copenhagen being located in Northern Europe, weather conditions equate to heavy snow, rain, and dark, cold days. Biking everyday, with or without sunshine, was how Nete was able to stay fit, which is an amazing feat considering SoCal residents find rain to be encumbering. But, as Nete mentioned, the Danes are descendants of the Vikings, which means they’re made of some pretty tough stuff. In the winter, she said, they enjoy jumping in the ocean…how does no one catch pneumonia?

Regardless of her beautiful home and heritage, Nete enjoys traveling and living in new places for her job. She finds language barriers in cities such as Hong Kong and Mexico to be the most challenging, yet she loves to work with everyone and immerse herself in cultures around the world. She says her favorite place is Mexico City due to “the welcoming people, the food, the music, the culture,” and she finds “the nature in the middle of such a big city to be mind blowing.” She also gets to work with her photographer friend, Kiva Brynaa, from time to time for photo shoots and enjoys making new friends with those she works with. She has created so many special and lasting memories during her career, and she knows there is so much more yet to come.

Nete’s decision to come work and live in LA has been an item on her bucket list for years. She has never visited LA, so this will be a thrilling new adventure for her that IEG Models will ensure is a smooth and exciting one. Once in LA, Nete also hopes to maybe dabble in a bit of the acting industry in the future alongside her modeling career. She enjoys the challenge of immersing oneself into a specific role for her shoots, and she’d like to take that one step further. For now though, she takes life day by day and enjoys the ongoing adventure of her career.

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