Natalie Fischbach & Derick Anthony in Nike’s New Commercials
December 08 2016 | Catherine Kelemen

Natalie Fischbach, an Iowa born native, filmed her biggest commercial yet for iconic, athletic brand, Nike. Being both an athlete and an actress, this was the perfect shoot for her to showcase her skills. As a young girl, Natalie took a serious interest in acting and spent her childhood performing in plays and musicals. She eventually attended the Donna Reed Festival acting camp where she was invited to their showcase and took home a scholarship. From there, Natalie attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles where she honed her skills and today, she is now signed with IEG Models (and we’re happy to have her).

Derick Anthony, another talent that IEG Models is both lucky and happy to have, was a part of another new commercial shoot by Nike. Originally from Colorado, Derick attended the University of Colorado and received a degree in Graphic Design. Before he began pursuing a career in acting, he was a part of a hip-hop group called the Mile High Club. He now lives in DTLA where he’s been studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School for the past two years. Along with his athletic, hip-hop and acting skills, Derick is also a rapper/songwriter, an impressionist, and the list goes on. What made him pursue acting with all these not-so-hidden talents? Well, after unfortunately blowing out his knee during his sports career, Derick decided to find something that could be just as challenging as sports for himself. Regardless of the difficulties and trials that came with this decision, Derick used these challenges as the fuel to succeed and inspire those around him.

Nike’s two new commercials were filmed for Lebron James’ and Michael Jordon’s basketball shoe lines. It’s safe to say that both Natalie’s and Derick’s athleticism (in addition to their acting skills) was much needed for these commercial shoots. Out of all the sports that these two play, basketball is just one of them. Natalie also plays volleyball and golf, and she even won a State Championship in golf. As for Derick, he also happens to be a star athlete in both football and track alongside basketball. You can imagine their responses to having to play hour after hour of basketball while wearing Lebron James and Michael Jordan Nikes for the shoot. It was an absolute “Yes!” and they both had the time of their lives filming it.

Both Natalie and Derick expressed how wonderful their time was working with Nike. They really “just do it,” said Derick. From the preparations to the practicing to the actual filming, Natalie and Derick found Nike to be extremely professional and efficient while also being fun and dynamic during the entire process. Both of them were also lucky enough to not only deal with the professional Nike team, but also to have the chance to run around and play ball with professional basketball players for the shoot itself.

And lastly, the question we all may be a bit curious about…did they get to keep the shoes? Natalie’s repeated response to that question is, “And no, I didn’t get to keep the shoes!” Derick didn’t have much luck with that either.

It’s safe to say that while neither Natalie nor Derick got some new shoes after their shoots, they did receive something else of much more value: new friendships and an unforgettable experience in the behind-the-scenes world of Nike.

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