MAD Acting Studio Showcase
December 28 2016 | Catherine Kelemen

Max Decker, founder and head instructor of MAD Acting Studio, hosted a live showcase on Monday, December 19. Talented actors and actresses of all ages performed live in front of a full house at MAD Acting Studio in Los Angeles. Among these talents were three of IEG Models’ very own: Victor Heliodor, Alfredo Moraes, and Alisa Podolskaya. Acting performances ranged from comedy to drama to provocative, and all scenes were performed and recorded in a small studio space in front of a live audience. The minimalist atmosphere emphasized complete focus on the talents by offering very little distraction from props and special effects. This helped showcase the fresh, raw talent that had the audience laughing hysterically one minute and gasping in silence only a few moments later. The evening consisted of an endless amount of skits that were surprising, captivating, and effortlessly original with witty references to well-known plays and films. It was a night full of entertainment more exciting and enjoyable than just another typical evening of Netflix.

The studio hosting this showcase, MAD Acting Studio, was founded by Max Decker in 2010 and coaches some of the most talented, up and coming actors and actresses today. Offering classes with a structured curriculum while having noteworthy coaches to guide and train each talent, MAD Acting Studios stays true to their slogan, “Setting the Standard.” Mohit Ramchandani, the studio’s award-winning writer, producer, and director, has worked with well-known talent such as Anne Hathaway, James Franco, Jamie Dorman, Billy Crystal, Alfred Molina, and many others. By creating trusting relationships within the industry, the studio helps launch its actors’ and actresses’ careers while helping them remain authentic and true to their craft. The studio is also frequently visited by award-winning producers, directors, writers, and casting directors who offer additional support, aiding in the unique growth of the fresh talent found in MAD Acting Studio.

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