Hudson Taylor: Fashion Photographer
February 08 2017 | Catherine Kelemen

IEG Models has been lucky enough to work with the gifted, professional fashion photographer, Hudson Taylor. His recent work with IEG model, Olga Zhukova, will be coming out in Nylon very soon, and we can’t wait to see it. We look forward to continue working with him in the upcoming future and seeing more of his stunning photographs.

Born and raised on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, Hudson Taylor has always been surrounded by beauty and scenic landscapes. With an obsession for the ocean, he grew up spear fishing and free diving, but after a recent, too-close encounter with bull sharks in the Bahamas (yikes!), he’s on a bit of break (and who can blame him).

Today, Hudson Taylor is based in New York, but he still manages to fly back to Hawaii every now and then for work. If he’s not in Hawaii or NYC, you’ll find him in LA, Miami, or pretty much anywhere around the world because of his job. Being able to travel for work and be alongside his wife throughout his career as a fashion photographer has been a dream come true for Hudson. As he travels to some of the most beautiful places around the globe, he gets to share these amazing experiences with his wife.

Before the start of his fashion photography career, Hudson Taylor originally started out as a model. His modeling career had him traveling around the world where he made many friends and began to gain a lot of first-hand experience and knowledge of the fashion and modeling industry. Photography is something Hudson happened to stumble upon when he decided to help out a fellow modeling friend. Using a Polaroid camera, Hudson shot some photos of his friend in the hopes that these photos might help his friend get signed into other markets. The agency of his friend loved Hudson’s photos and decided to use them in the agency book. This got Hudson thinking, “Maybe, just maybe, I could make a career out of this.”

Now, a little over three years later, Hudson Taylor finds himself as a sought-after fashion photographer who’s gaining momentum in the industry. Being able to understand both the world of modeling and the world of photography/directing, Hudson is able to fuse these domains together and create spectacular work. He’s shot editorials for Elle Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, and has worked with celebrities such as Shay Mitchell, Sophia Bush, Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk, and many, many more. You can see more of Hudson Taylor’s stunning images and accomplishments by checking out his personal Instagram page, @photobyhudson, and by going to his online website here.

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