Finding Nirvana in the Workspace
November 25 2016 | Catherine Kelemen

Come in, have a seat, maybe grab a cup of coffee, and make yourself at home. This is what the environment is like in IEG Models’ new office space in downtown LA. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the pictures. Working in an office in downtown LA, one might expect to find oneself in a stiff, no-nonsense environment: the classic skyscraper office with a clean, modern aesthetic, large windows, and the click clack of heels echoing through the building. At IEG Models, we have the opposite: a warm, welcoming atmosphere that invites creativity and generates a sense of community and belonging.

The brain and inspiration behind this creative and innovative workspace is design company, WeWork. Started in 2010, the company helps entrepreneurs and small businesses find their perfect, cozy office space without the extreme costs. WeWork focuses on building beautiful, shared office spaces that promote community while offering services for a global network of creators. Some of their services include super-fast Internet, business-class printers, on-site staff, and free refreshments, just to list a few. It’s hard not to be inspired when one is surrounded by all this innovation and creativity.

When visiting IEG Models, you get to experience the magic of WeWork firsthand. There are flowering green plants everywhere you look, and with sunlight shining in through glass, skyscraper windows, it makes the office space look somewhat like a mini greenhouse. Feeling thirsty? WeWork provides a self-service, café-style kitchen stocked with fruit water, coffee, tea, and even beer (yes, I said beer). Feel like you need to take a seat now? Well, you have a choice between sofas, beanbag chairs, normal chairs, booths, worktables, and more. In such a creative, laid-back environment, one can’t help but find one’s self stepping out of the city into a little piece of nirvana when they visit IEG Models. It’s a space unlike any other, and it’s all thanks to workspace design company, WeWork.

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