DTLA on the Rise
December 20 2016 | Catherine Kelemen

In the past few years, downtown LA has emerged to become a hotspot for all things fashion, art, music, technology, entertainment, and business. Art shows,museums, music, shopping, food, nightlife,downtown LA has it all. A city that used to be overlooked has become the place to go for a night out on the town. If you’ve ever walked through this city at night, you’ve noticed it’s completely lit up with lights and has no familiarity to its daytime image (which compared to night, seems like the older, more responsible sibling). With music in the background and sounds of laughterand amusement coming fromstrolling couples, friends, and singles enjoying their youthunder the stars, the city has never seemed more alive. According to the L.A. Times, downtown has become more than just a city. It hasbecome the new, trendy place for the millennial generation and as a result, the city even has a new name, DTLA.

Downtown LA has also become known as a creative community that embraces innovation and young entrepreneurs.The amount of startup businesses being launched has been growing rapidlyover the years and is becoming a rival for Silicon Valley,according to Business Insider. Downtown is still continuing to changeand growmaking the next few years an exciting period of curious anticipation of what to expect fromthe city’s pioneering transformation.You can walk through the streets of this city over 100 times, and you will still see something new every time you return to DTLA.

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